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Dangerous Good Labels

ImageDangerous goods safety marks provide a means of quick identification of dangerous goods in the event of an emergency situation such as an accident or an accidental release of dangerous goods from a means of containment. The Dangerous goods safety marks are an awareness tool for people involved in transportation, including truck drivers, train crews, loading dock workers, reception personnel at a lab or a hospital and aircraft loading personnel.

Cargo Insurance

Carriers are not liable for loss or damage of your cargo caused by natural disasters and other external circumstances. Generally, Carriers offer a limited liability which may not cover the cost of your shipment. As an added protection we offer cargo insurance at competitive rates..all risk or total loss.

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Company Profile

Skymetro Logistics Services is a one stop freight & customs provider. We have a cumulative of three decades of experience in this business. We service worldwide destinations and have representation in practically every corner of the world. Making the right choice is of paramount importance as it could result in substantial savings, be it freight or customs brokerage.

Our team of experts has significant industry experience and takes pride in delivering proactive, hands-on service and impeccable customer support. Our extensive network of freight carriers together with a wealth of industry knowledge let you know your shipment is in good hands.

Reliable. Secure. Affordable.

Changes in fuel prices, currency fluctuations, prevailing economy conditions, tougher regulations on transportation and stricter security measures at our borders and airports all impact the cost and logistics of transporting goods. Our well-refined 3PL services help take the guesswork out of your transportation needs, letting you and your team stay focused on what you do best.

Our MISSION lays the foundation

To provide freight transportation solutions that focus on superior quality partnerships, impeccable service, customized solutions and complete customer satisfaction.